Nestle Office Block

In 2009 Nestle Distribution was in urgent need for office space as the space they were occupying had been sold as part of their restructuring programme.

The local representative approach us to build offices for them.

The office structure was temporary whilst they built new offices. It was set up opposite to the section that had been sold off and consisted of 6 x 12-meter and 7 x 6-meter units, providing 270 square meters of office space over two floors with ablution facilities.

The first floor was accessed by an external stair case. There was sufficient office space for all the distribution office staff was well as a board room and hot desks for sales reps as well as kitchen/break room.

We erected this office block within 8 weeks and not one day was lost due to delays. Along with this, Nestle’s distribution operation managed to continue operating seamlessly.

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Then in 2013 Nestle no longer required the use of this temporary structure and it was sold. We were once again commissioned to dismantle and move the existing structure to its new home in Philippi where we then re-assembled the units.

This project truly reflects the advantages of using containers:

  • Cost Effective
  • Strong and durable
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Stackable
  • You can grow your requirements as your budget allows
  • Much shorter turn-around time
  • 100% moveable
  • No disruption to you site

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