Mfuleni Clinic Project

For those of us living in Cape Town, we know that infrastructure or the lack thereof is a grave concern. Our local government can not provide as fast as the demand grows. And this is where containers and its adaptability and speed with which it can be erected comes into play.

One such project which answered this need, and in record time I might add, was the Mfuleni Clinic Project.

The existing clinic in Mfuleni was being closed-down so that a new clinic could be built to combat the backlogs and bottlenecks being experienced in the area. However, the area could not be left without a clinic. Hence it was decided to erect a temporary clinic to be used by the community whilst the new one was being built.

Container Rental and Sales was one of the main sub-contractor’s appointment by the Managing Agent on behalf of the Department of Public Works, to erect this clinic which comprised 60 x 6-metre shipping containers converted into various doctor’s rooms.

These containers were converted at our premises and then delivered to site. All the containers were housed in a large warehouse structure. The containers being the individual doctor’s rooms and filing stores etc.

All work had to be finalised on site after delivery. One of the units was turned on its head to act as a sputum booth.

There were treatment rooms, consulting rooms, a pharmacy, dentist room, sluice room and admin offices, besides the ablution facilities and waiting areas.

All the work on the units were completed to the exacting standards set out by the various departments of the City of Cape Town involved in this project.

The entire project which now services the whole of the Mfuleni area and more.

Once the new clinic is built the container clinic will be dismantled and dispatched to other areas experiencing a need. Containers are never redundant.

For further information have a look at this article:

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