How Big can a Shipping Container House Be?

How Big can a Shipping Container House Be?

Shipping container homes have become a popular lifestyle choice for people all over the world, and right here in South Africa,  we are steadily developing our own obsession with building them. For many though, the prospect of a quaint container house conjures up an image similar to living in a caravan, accompanied by pokey spaces and limited rooms and functions.

Well we are here to dispel that myth, and since we make shipping container rentals in Cape Town our business, we have some interesting insights to offer.

As Tiny as You Like

Let’s start small. Shipping container homes (especially holiday homes and convenient getaways) are often built on a budget. When catering for one person or even just a couple, a single 20 foot container gives you enough room for essentials and comforts. A bedroom, small lounge, kitchen area and bathroom, with a careful design, can all be incorporated with relative ease.

Even 1 Container Gives Enough Room

Single 40 foot containers are also a popular choice for modest homes that still boast moderate spaces, especially when combined with a clever design that makes the most of the available room. In some cases, these types of containers are spacious enough to house a small family.

A Manor is a Matter of Design

If small and quaint is not your style, shipping container homes can also be constructed out of multiple containers to create something truly breath-taking. Famous examples include the Casa Incubo in Costa Rica, designed by architect Maria Josè Trejos. This home has been designed using eight 40 foot containers to create a double-story marvel with a workspace, social area, bedrooms, private areas on the second floor and even an exterior walkway leading to a third floor terrace and living loft.

Contact Container Rental & Sales for Details

There are no limitations to what can be built with shipping containers, and you will only be constrained by your own imagination and budget. If you would like to know more about sourcing high-quality shipping containers from a reliable supplier, contact Container Rental & Sales today, or visit our website to learn more about our offers.

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