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Container Land is leading the way in transforming steel shipping containers into innovative solutions in South Africa. We specialise in sales, rentals, and custom conversions, providing endless possibilities for customers looking to purchase shipping containers.

This article explores our range of products suited to various shipping container needs.

Diverse Shipping Containers For Sale at Container Land

Container Land’s inventory showcases a comprehensive range of shipping containers, demonstrating their versatility and suitability for various applications.

Here’s an expanded look at our offerings:

Dry Containers

  • 3-meter Containers: These compact containers are ideal for small-scale storage needs. They are available in new and used conditions, providing options for different budgetary and quality requirements.
  • 6-meter Containers: A mid-range option, these containers balance space and manageability. They are available in used, once-used, and painted versions, catering to diverse needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • 12-meter High Cube Containers: These are the largest in the range, offering substantial space for larger projects. The high cube design provides extra height, making them suitable for storing taller items or conversions requiring more vertical space. They are available in used and once-used conditions.

Special Equipment (On Request)

  • Flat Rack Containers: Available in 6-meter and 12-meter sizes, these are suitable for oversized cargo or special projects.
  • Tank Containers: The 6-meter tank containers are designed for transporting and storing liquids.
  • Open Top Containers: These are offered in 6-meter and 12-meter sizes and are ideal for cargo that needs to be loaded from the top.


  • Container Land can customise the size of any container according to specific requirements, offering tailored solutions for unique needs.
  • All containers are ready for specific weather conditions, ensuring they are either cargo-worthy or wind and water-tight, depending on the needs.
  • Additional modifications include painting and other custom adjustments, provided at an additional cost and according to specific specifications.

Refrigerated Containers (Reefers)

  • Quality Control: Reefers from Container Land are robust, safe, and secure, offering food-grade quality refrigerated storage. They undergo pre-trip inspection and can meet the Perishable Products Export Control Board standards if required.
  • Temperature Controlled: Suitable for various goods from food to chemicals, these containers can maintain temperatures from -20 °C to +20°C.
  • Sizes Available: Reefers are available in 6-meter and 12-meter sizes, with the option to be cut down to smaller sizes or converted into cold rooms and blast freezers.
  • Refurbished: All reefers are thoroughly refurbished before being dispatched, ensuring quality and reliability.

Shipping Containers For Sale | Shipping Container Rentals

Custom Shipping Container Conversions Tailored and Sold by Container Land

Container Land is a company that specialises in customising containers to meet the unique needs of our clients. We have a team of skilled designers and craftsmen who work together to turn our client’s visions into reality.

Unleashing Creativity with Customisable Containers

One of the key advantages of working with Container Land is the endless possibilities we offer.

We can add glass windows to a container to create a boutique shop or install insulation to turn it into a mobile home. We can also add doors, walls, and other features to make the container more functional and comfortable.

The customisation process at Container Land is a collaborative one. The team works closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences. We then develop a design that meets those needs and present it to the client for approval. Once the design is approved, the team builds the customised container.

Revolutionising Spaces with Unique Container Designs

Imagine converting a container into a trendy office space, a cosy café, or a portable workshop. These transformations are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, tapping into the ethos of sustainability and innovation.

Container Land’s portfolio reflects our expertise in transforming shipping containers into innovative and functional spaces. These designs are functional and aesthetically pleasing, proving that containers can be both practical and stylish.

Container Land’s Wide Range of Shipping Container Conversions:

Ablution & Change Rooms: These conversions meet the essential requirements of sanitation and privacy, which are crucial for events or remote work sites.

Accommodation & Backpackers: Tailoring to the hospitality industry, Container Land creates comfortable and unique living spaces, perfect for travellers seeking budget-friendly yet stylish accommodations.

Mobile Business: The mobility of these containers allows entrepreneurs to set up shops, cafes, or offices in diverse locations, offering flexibility and a modern twist to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

Computer Labs & Classrooms: These conversions provide functional and tech-ready spaces for learning and teaching, ideal for schools and training centres.

Education & Training Facility: Beyond conventional classrooms, these containers can be transformed into specialised training facilities, supporting various educational programs and workshops.

Homes & Buildings: Container Land demonstrates how containers can be converted into chic and comfortable homes or functional buildings, redefining modern living and commercial spaces.

Kitchens/Canteens & Bakeries: These conversions are equipped to cater to the food industry, providing fully functional kitchens, canteens, or bakeries in a compact and efficient layout.

Medical: Medical facilities, including clinics and emergency rooms, can be set up using these containers, ensuring quick deployment and functionality in areas needing immediate medical services.

Offices: The conversion of containers into offices offers a unique, cost-effective, and flexible workspace solution suitable for temporary and permanent office needs.

Offshore Shipping: Catering to the maritime industry, these conversions are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing durable and safe storage or workspaces at sea.

Refrigerated: These specialised conversions are crucial for transporting and storing perishable goods maintaining the required temperature controls.

Storage, Chemical & Other Containers: These containers are adapted for various uses, including chemical storage, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Specialised Conversions: Container Land’s ability to create highly customised solutions for unique requirements is showcased in this category, reflecting its innovative approach and technical expertise.

Workshops & Laboratory Storage: These conversions provide practical spaces for workshops and laboratories, ensuring safety, efficiency, and proper storage for tools and equipment.

Shipping Container Conversions

Container Land’s Impact on the Industry in South Africa

For those new to the world of shipping containers, at Container Land we help clients understand their needs, offering advice on the best type of container for each project, ensuring a match that combines functionality, style, and budget.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and innovation. Every container for sale or rent meets rigorous standards, ensuring they are robust, secure and primed for whatever creative conversion our customer envisages.

Redefining Spaces with High-Quality Containers

Container Land’s approach to redefining spaces with high-quality shipping containers has significantly impacted various industries across South Africa. From retail to real estate, these containers provide innovative solutions that are reimagining traditional concepts of space.

The influence of Container Land extends beyond sales and conversions. Our innovative approach sets new trends in the shipping container industry, inspiring a wave of sustainable and creative space solutions worldwide.

Shipping Containers for Sale at Container Land

Container Land does not just sell shipping containers.

For anyone searching for “shipping containers for sale” in South Africa, Container Land represents the perfect blend of quality, versatility, and creativity. Our dedication to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary makes us a leader in the shipping container industry.Visit Container Land today and shop our wide range of containers for sale and rental.


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