10 Creative Uses for Shipping Containers in Cape Town

The vibrant city of Cape Town, coined South Africa’s “Mother City”, is a city known for its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and bustling social scene.

In recent years, we have seen a growing trend in the reinventing and repurposing of shipping containers for various innovative purposes. At Container Land, we stand firm as a pioneering company within the industry, being at the forefront of this movement.

We are here to give you the expert rundown on all the creative ways to transform the stock standard metal box into so much more. Offering a range of innovative options to inspire, shipping containers are versatile structures that not only serve practical purposes but also add a unique touch to the city’s urban landscape. 

We’ve put together ten creative uses for shipping containers in Cape Town, aiming to make the city more vibrant and functional one transformation at a time.

The Container Land Standard

As industry experts, we specialise in transforming shipping containers into just about anything you have in mind. 

All of our container conversions are completed at our premises in Epping, Cape Town, only being delivered once completed and checked and approved by our clients. For your next container conversion, explore our container conversions to discover our previous work or to get inspiration for your upcoming repurposing. 

Specialising in a wide variety of container conversions, we have facilitated the transformation of countless shipping containers into a range of creative units. To name a few of our previous conversions, we have turned previous containers into:

  • Ablution & change rooms
  • Accommodation & backpackers
  • Mobile business & offices
  • Computer labs & classrooms
  • Education & training facilities
  • Homes & buildings
  • Kitchens/canteens & bakeries
  • Medical conversions
  • Refrigerators
  • General storage & offshore shipping
  • Chemical & other containers
  • Workshop & laboratories
  • Other specialised conversions

Endless Potential: Creative Uses to Inspire

When looking at the structure of a shipping container, one notices the unit’s size, shape, and overall space. Whilst undisputedly the perfect piece for the purpose of shipping something from one side of the world to the other, containers also offer so much more.

Are you looking to get inspired for an upcoming repurposing of a container that you have in mind? Look no further with Container Land stepping in as the industry expert. Our top picks for creative uses of shipping containers include:

Co-Working Spaces

The rise of remote work brought with it an increased demand for flexible co-working spaces that can accommodate hybrid positions and structures within an office. Transforming shipping containers into functional office spaces is something that Container Land is familiar with.

Offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, this option has become increasingly popular with the shifting of the nature of the work scene globally. These modular workspaces can be customised to fit the needs of freelancers, startups, and small businesses, providing a stimulating and collaborative environment.


Cape Town’s natural beauty makes it a prime tourist destination, and Container Land has recognised the potential of incorporating transformed shipping containers into the hospitality industry.

Offering useful space to be repurposed as needed, we are able to create unique accommodation options like “container hotels” that offer affordable yet comfortable places to stay, blending urban aesthetics with the city’s scenic landscapes.

Pop-Up Shops and Cafes

Shipping containers offer a wonderful blank canvas for creating trendy pop-up shops and cafes. Having converted several containers into bakeries, kitchens, and canteens, we know a thing or two about repurposing containers to fit a retail space.

Container Land has seamlessly converted shipping containers into stylish, compact retail spaces, presenting the opportunity for vendors to easily sell everything from clothing and jewellery to artisanal coffee, street food, and so much more.

Classrooms & Learning Facilities

Transforming containers into educational spaces is a gift that keeps on giving as knowledge is shared and experience is gained.

These types of conversions offer a nifty space for educators to provide students access to books, computers, and educational resources, fostering a love for learning in local communities and beyond.


For health and wellness enthusiasts looking to enjoy a favourite pastime from the comfort of their own space, the innovation of shipping container conversations can extend to saunas, too. Under the right conversion conditions, these units can be transformed into your very own spa retreat to be enjoyed.

Offering the same health benefits, container saunas offer a compact, convenient, and cosy space for relaxation and heat therapy to take place safely.

Medical Conversions

With the nature of container conversions occurring relatively quickly compared to traditional construction methods, they make for an excellent option for medical units needing to be constructed rapidly.

This means you can have a functional workshop or laboratory up and running in a shorter time frame, which can be crucial for time-sensitive projects, which can often be the case when dealing with the field of 

Interim Spaces

In the case of short-term projects needing a space to unfold over a specified time period or during the construction of permanent facilities, containers make for great interim spaces.

The flexibility offered by shipping containers proves to be especially useful when long-term infrastructure is not required, and a short-term solution is needed.

Public Restrooms

Improving urban sanitation is crucial regardless of location, especially when it comes to a busy and highly populated city like Cape Town. Shipping containers can be swiftly repurposed into public restrooms by Container Land, offering ablution facilities and even changeroom options in areas that previously did not have this.

These clean, well-maintained facilities contribute to the overall cleanliness and hygiene of public spaces in the city, bettering the overall experience for locals and tourists alike.

Workshops & Laboratories

When looking at the general costs of putting a workshop or laboratory together, converting a shipping container is often a more cost-effective solution than building a traditional structure from scratch.

Containers are readily available, especially in Cape Town, with a solid, basic structure that is already in place, making things easier from the get-go. Not only can this significantly reduce construction costs, but it also streamlines the process as less time, space, and infrastructure is needed to see the construction through.

Music Studios

With the advantageous structure of shipping containers being a compact space to transform, music studios make for great options as a creative use to repurpose a shipping container.

Musicians and recording artists can easily convert containers into soundproof music studios, complete with acoustic insulation and the works.

Container Land: Leading The Way

Container Land aims to shift the conventional view of shipping containers with innovative and creative uses of shipping containers to spark our clients looking for inspiration. Bringing a new dimension to the potential these nifty units hold, these innovative structures are redefining Cape Town’s city’s cultural vibrancy, urban landscape, and overall sustainability efforts.

As the city continues to evolve, it’s clear that shipping containers have found a lasting and creative place in the heart of this dynamic hub. With the vision and ingenuity of Container Land, we can bring your vision to life no matter what container conversion you have in mind. Explore our website for more information, or get in touch with us to get the process started today.


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