As events start back up – we can identify many ways in which containers could be utilised in this industry to assist with the overall operations and management of an event. 

Here are some ways containers have assisted our past clients with events they were a part of or organising.  

  1. Ticketing & other Offices 

Often times when events have many attendees – there is a need for a ticketing office, or a space where event organisers can work and keep on top of all their admin. Our office containers are insulated, air-conditioned, come with 2 windows with internal burglar bars, a door and basic electrics. 

{image: Afrika Burn Ticketing office} 

  1. Food Vendors 

When events are held outdoors or at faraway places, often times there are no kitchens on site. Using a container converted into a food truck will take care of this part of the event. Our takeaway container conversions include everything needed, such as customer serving areas, as well as cooking and cleaning equipment. 

  1. Storage (regular or refrigerated) 

Just like with office space, sometimes bigger events require a place for storage of goods. Container Land offer storage units in a number of different sizes and to suit various needs – for example, REEFERS, which are refrigerated storage containers – these are an ideal option to use when your event has a bar operating. 

  1. Exhibition spaces 

If an event is set up in a big, open space, converted containers could be a great way to establish a layout and separate different areas at the event. Think; a special art exhibition, or a library, or maybe a room where workshops and talks can happen. 


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