5 of the most exciting projects in the past decade

The only limit to what you can do with Shipping Containers is your imagination. At Container Land, we’ve been commissioned with some out of this world projects that challenged us but also excited us.

Villa 47

Villa 47 is a three-floor culinary concept that boasts some of the finest ingredients and food brands from around the world. We converted 3 x 6-meter containers to be used as a bar, office, and storage container, including a staircase. The challenge was that the containers had to be craned over a building and into the courtyard to create the base of the outside area.

The Stock Yard – Mobile Coffee Shop

We loved creating this mobile coffee shop situated at The Stockyard in Woodstock, Cape Town. The coffee shop, side panels that open and close when needed, is anchored to a mobile truck that allows the owner to locate his coffee shop from one place to another.

Breadline Philisa Abafazi Bethu Women’s Centre (PAB) in Steenberg, Cape Town

This site in Lavendar Hill consists of 28 converted shipping containers with paved, covered walkways, new services and protected outside courtyards, creating facilities for a multi-purpose hall, two safe-houses, children’s aftercare, offices, meeting rooms, storage, a neighbourhood watch and emergency response base, and other ancillary structures. The new container structures have been painted in vibrant colours which are symbolic to the communities affected, one being a lavender colour to represent Lavender Hill township. The PAB aims to protect and empower abused women and children in the Lavender Hill area.

Franschhoek Wine Tram office

The Franschhoek Wine Tram has a rich 300-year history. We enjoyed creating their offices from containers, removed the sides and installed glass all the way around, added stairs and a walk-way that allows multiply entry into the offices.

Blue Sky – YPO

When a space can transform into a hub of activity.


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