6 amazing ways we converted shipping containers

Shipping containers have been around for many years but only recently found popularity in the use of construction which was boosted by increasing environmental awareness. The recycling and upcycling of containers has taken center stage in this movement.

With more than 25 years of experience in new and used shipping containers, Container Land can boast a wide range of converted and customised shipping containers with exciting features and designs.

Single or double story offices

Converting your existing shipping containers into functional and secure working areas is easy and convenient. These office containers can be used to create a luxury office for both long- and short-term use. You can include aluminum windows, cut-out doors, the installation of basic electrical works, carpets and even have it painted on both the inside and outside.

Ablution facilities

Shipping containers make the ideal solution for portable ablution facilities. An ablution block is a communal washroom and can contain all the amenities needed for people in remote locations, temporary construction sites, seasonal events and more. The shipping units can be converted into hygienic showers, toilets and basins and can be equipped with changing areas too. In terms of accessibility, you can add ramps or stairs and rails to enable easy access for everyone.

Refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers or reefer containers keep your goods cool no matter where you are. They are suitable for storing food to chemicals that need careful temperature monitoring – anywhere from -20◦C to +20◦C

Retail space

There has been a dramatic increase in requests for shipping containers to be used as a temporary, and sometimes permanent, retail space. The advantages are using a container as a commercial shop space include no monthly rental fees – especially if you own the land, fast and affordable construction and the ability to locate your unit where your customers are.

New Early Childhood Development Classroom

These containers were placed on site in a u shape to create a new ECD with 1 x classroom made up of 2 x 6 meter used shipping containers joined, 1 x 6-meter container classroom and 1x 6-meter container ablution / kitchen.

Medical facilities

We convert our containers into medical mobile, stand-alone and permanent medical clinics.

We are working with the frontline teams to offer many communities pop-up clinics. Our container conversion is up to medical standards. It is designed to help reduce the stress on hospitals and improve access to these facilities in the communities.

Need a shipping container for your project? Be it a home, office, workshop, store, or even your man cave, contact us for high quality new and used shipping containers.


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