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Converted Refrigerated Container

Container Rental and Sales were asked by a client to convert a 40 foot high cube refrigerated container to have a holding area, the main area to have a dividing curtain a hand wash basin and a tap to wash out the container, a smooth floor was also required to wheel bins. Container rental and sales did this conversion by fitting a division with a sliding door so the front of this reefer could act as a holding area once stock was taken out for the day.  So that the rest of the reefer could stay at the required temperature We adding electricity, the dividing curtain and plumbing as requested. Finishing the container off with a checker plate floor Visit our website 021 810 9900


Refrigerated Container
40 foot high cube refrigerated container painted
Division with Sliding Door
Division with sliding fridge door fitted into reefer
Curtain and basin in reefer
Fitting of dividing curtain, tap and basin into reefer