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Thinking Outside the Box!

Container Rental and Sales was approached by a company who wanted to convert a 6-meter container into a “chill room” for their staff. There was just one minor problem….

The place the container had to go on the 9th floor of a building which only had a single door way to get it through from the balcony. After giving the request some thought we came up with a solution.

We took a standard 6 meter used container and disassembled it back into its component pieces.  The pieces were then loaded onto a truck and taken to site.  Once there, a mobile crane lifted the component pieces to the 9th floor where it was taken through the single door into the space provided.

6 meter used container before starting conversion
Cutting 6 meter into component pieces
Delivering container cut into component pieces to site


Container Rental and Sales then welded the component pieces back into a full container.

Containers pieces craned into building


Container being re-welded on site


The clients completed the refurbishment creating the dynamic space below.

Completed chill room ready for use


You dream it we make it happen. Contact Container Rental and Sales now.

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