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Container Types

Container Types

Previously we have spoken about container grades. But what type of containers do you get?

There are three types:

  • general purpose or “dry van”
  • refrigerated containers or “reefers”
  • special equipment

Dry van or general-purpose containers are the steel containers used to transport most cargo. These come in 3 meters (10 foot), 6 meters (20 foot) and 12-meter (40 foot) lengths and are the most common types of containers available.

Refrigerated containers are made in 6 meter and 12 meters only.

Special equipment such as flat racks and open tops come in both 6 & 12 meter, while tank containers come in 6 meters only.

In the next instalment we will talk about some other variations that are available but are less commonly seen.

Here is a great example of how we are kept on our toes.

Here is a great example of how we are kept on our toes.

After many months of to-ing and fro-ing we finally got an order from our client, a very highly regarded, ISO9001 accredited engineering company whose customer, a major mining house, needed us to supply and modify three pairs of container doors including frames. The scope of works on these containers included: Removal all the frames and… Continue Reading