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Mfuleni Clinic – a positive health development

Mfuleni Clinic – a positive health development

Another good news story for the Western Cape!

The residents of Mfuleni, a small township in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town will soon be using a new temporary clinic that will be built on a site made available by the local authorities.

Following the enormous success of the similar but smaller clinic we helped develop in Dunoon, we have again been contracted to provide the container component for this health-care facility.

The new clinic will comprise some 70-odd 6-meter converted containers, 32 of which will be removed from the Dunoon clinic and after refurbishment re-sited in the Mfuleni project.

The containers which will house pharmacy units, consulting rooms, dental and medical rooms and all the other components that make up a full-functional medical facility, will be sited inside a purpose-built construction.
The Dunoon-temporary-facility is being decommissioned as the permanent clinic has now been completed and is ready for use.

Have a look at the interior of the clinic on our web-site under “Mfuleni Clinic Project”.
We are proud to be associated with any project that helps to uplift our local communities – this is no exception!